PhotOH! 2002 document: Mitt Romney's testimony about returning to Massachusetts for business, board meetings, etc.


Romney - Ballot Commission Testimony Transcript

Thanks to our buddy Andrew Kaczynski at BuzzFeed, we can now see this 2002 legal document for ourselves in which Willard Romney testifies that he was in Massachusetts for “a number of social trips and business trips that brought me back to Massachusetts, board meetings, Thanksgiving and so forth.”

All our posts are here regarding Mitt's unwillingness to produce his tax returns, his propensity for secrecy, and his attitude that he doesn't need to show"you people" who he really is, only who he wants us to think he is.

Here are a couple of screen grabs. Scroll through the document for more:

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  • After looking at how his Church has bent to truth, I would say that his whole life has demonstrated to him that lying (if the goal is high enough) is perfectly acceptable. 
    Lying for the Lord is a fatally easy step to lying for the Presidency. 

  • cognachas4paws

    The GOP does not seem very happy to have him as their candidate, that's for sure.  You also have John McCain when asked about the tax returns, saying that Sarah Palin was a better candidate than Mitt Romney.  Well, if she, of all people, was a better candidate for VP than Romney was, then how good of a candidate can he be for the presidency???  It almost seems like the GOP wants to make sure he loses and are just holding out for 2016. They are clearly not happy with Romney.

    I believe you are correct as well when you say he thought he could just bend reality to what he wants it to be.  But he really should have known that you can't run from video.  Things he's said are preserved and they serve to show what I and others have been saying all along:  he has no core principles. 

    He's been running for president so long - you would have thought he'd have all this ironed out and be ready to provide logical answers.  Instead, he just lies more and more.  He lies today to cover the lie yesterday and the lie the day before and so on.  He is, I believe, incapable of telling the truth.

    (And you can call me Paws.)

  • This document also opens up the old question about his actual primary residency which he had listed as Utah- which would have made him ineligible to run for governor. He has, I believe, said that the property was in his wife's name, but that appears to run contrary to what is stated here. It says here that the property was Mr. Romney's and that the tax was paid in HIS name and not by his wife. (pgs 26, 27)
    Perhaps this is the big problem with releasing his tax returns. The information will show that he was never, in fact, qualified to run as governor of Massachusetts.  Whatever it is that Romney is hiding must be pretty damaging. 

  • majii

    I think Romney has always believed that he could shape reality to reflect what he wants it to be.   It has worked for him so far in his life, but what he doesn't seem to realize at this point is that he can't control everyone/thing in the country.  I believe he's making a fatal mistake in thinking he can continue to cover up the fact that he was very much involved in Bain after 1999 with a series of distractions and the help of Fox News, RW blogs, and pundits.  I've been noticing that none of the high level members of the GOP have emerged to help him with this problem.  He had to reach back and bring Sununu out of hibernation to act as a spokesman for him.  I find it very strange that other, more prominent GOPers aren't blanketing the airwaves to assist him because they usually band together to handle problems.  I think this confirms something I read last week, cognachas4paws, and that was that Romney is not well-liked by the GOP power-brokers.

  • cognachas4paws

    He said that he only returned for one or two board meetings but this document says he returned for MOST of them.  So, is he lying now or was he lying then - in a hearing where he had to be sworn in?

    At this point, there is nothing this man can say to mitigate this disaster of a campaign.  If the Romney campaign of 2012 does nothing else, it will serve as a good example for future Political Science students of how NOT to run a campaign.  It could be quite instructive.

    Of course, now he's apparently been found to have, between last night and today, bought 100,000 or more Twitter "followers."  Some of them are porn-bots. This just gets more hilarious by the minute.

    Can he just bow out gracefully at this point?  Maybe Ann can lend him one of his horses and he can ride off into the sunset.