Video- Fox's Van Susteren: Obama Hasn't Said We're Distorting His Comments So "It's Safe To Assume" Fox's Representation Is Accurate


Of course it is Greta. Via Media Matters.

  • kimbutgar

     She is so botoxed she looks surreal.

  •'re telling me that SOMEONE has said FOX DISTORTS the news????
    If it wasn't for that....they'd have NOTHING to broadcast.

  • Linzack5007

    Obama has a country to run, not just a campaign. He only has time to comment on real news, not real noise.  I'm sure Greta 'I Never Made Up or Reported a Distorted Story I Didn't Like" Van Susteren would be able to understand that, if she we still alive.  That droopy corpse of hers is starting to attract flies and maggots -- oh, sorry, those are Republican fans.  DG