VIDEO: GOP Rep. Sean Duffy runs scared from Vietnam vet asking about minimum wage increase


My buddies at CREDO sent this along.


When one of Rep. Duffy's constituents, a Vietnam veteran, tried to ask Duffy about a minimum wage bill, Duffy got in a VW Jetta and drove away.

Vet: Mr. Duffy! When are you going to hold your next town hall meeting?

Duffy: We said we’re going to do one every year, and we’ve done that. So if you want to come set up an appointment in my office, uh, we’d be happy to have you come on by.

Vet: What I'd like to know is are you gonna... There's a law... there's a law to raise the minimum wage! (chasing after car as it pulls away)

And off Duffy went. Because he cares.

Think Progress has more.

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