Stop Governor Jindal’s Creationist Voucher Program Before Governor Romney Takes it Nationwide


My eighteen-year-old Louisiana pal Zack Kopplin is still fighting Gov. Bobby Jindal's creationism law, and  yes, Zack is amazing. Just read his post here and our previous posts by and about Zack here.

He's asked that I share his latest with you, which I am more than happy and proud to do. Actually, I'll give you some excerpts, but you really need to hop over and read all of it:

Louisiana is preparing to spend over $11 million to send 1,365 students to 20 private schools that teach creationism instead of science as part of Governor Bobby Jindal’s new voucher program.  It is time to halt the implementation of this creationist voucher program.

It is increasingly clear that one of Governor Jindal’s primary education goals is the teaching of creationism.  He supported, signed, and defended the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA), Louisiana’s 2008 stealth creationism law, which allows teachers to sneak creationism into public school science classrooms by using creationist supplemental materials.  Despite hearing from 78 Nobel laureate scientists who urged him to repeal the law because teaching creationism is both bad science and unconstitutional, Jindal instead defended the law.

Now Governor Jindal has passed a voucher plan which provides millions of taxpayer dollars to private schools that teach creationism and whose curriculum doesn’t meet the state’s approved science standards. [...]

The schools listed here may be just the tip of the iceberg.  The true number of creationist voucher schools approved to receive unconstitutionally misappropriated taxpayer dollars under Governor Jindal’s voucher program could be significantly higher.  My analysis above lists only those schools that explicitly acknowledge teaching creationism or creationist curriculum.  [...]

Governor Jindal claims that he created the voucher program because private schools would offer a better education for Louisiana students.  The truth is that schools that teach creationism will give our students a worse education.  Schools that teach creationism and do not meet Louisiana’s state science standards will not give our students a better education and have no business receiving public funds.

Since the justification for this program has fallen flat, Governor Jindal and the Department of Education should not implement it.

And here is a key point:

Governor Jindal has been named Governor Romney’s education surrogate.  That Governor Jindal could be nominated for Vice President by Governor Romney or be his Secretary of Education means that signing this Change.Org petition to halt the unconstitutional and creationist Louisiana voucher program is even more urgent.

Surrogate Bobby promoted to a Romney cabinet member. Think about that. And think about the Supreme Court, too, should Willard somehow make it all the way to the White House. Think hard.

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