Condi Rice won't be Mitt Romney's running mate. Now back to Bain questions already in progress...


Via Livewire, on Fox News, Carl Cameron asked, Willard Romney answered:

...when he asked if he stands by his pledge in February of earlier this year to pick a pro-life running mate. He said he does stand by his remarks in the past. Since Rice has called herself mildly pro-choice back in 2006, that pretty much takes her out of contention.

Can we now stop taking Drudge's fake news seriously, stop feeding into GOP diversions, stop giving them any credibility whatsoever, and get back to why Romney had years to clean up all things Bain Capital and didn't?

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  • So...I left out one little word. 🙂

  • Hey, I said "fake news"! ; )

  • Drudge? News? In the same sentence? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You really are a comedienne, Laffy!!