Video- Ed Rollins: GOP Needs To Be Less Old, Fat And White


All he needed was to be sitting next to Haley Barbour. Via TPM.

  • M. Blackwell

    I have watched and listened to Ed Rawlings for many years.  He is  a fair man.  He is not

    vicious, petty  nor demagoguery .   As a democrat  "I like you Ed Rawlings."

  • That's rich, given he talking to Fox "News" viewers who are overwhelmingly old, fat and white.

  • David G

    Ed's right, but unless you're old, fat and white, why would you want to belong to this group anyway? They are anti-people and pro-rich people  only.  No room or interest in anyone else but themselves...  Ed could add "lonely" to the list of qualifiers.  DG