VIDEO- DCCC goes on health care offensive: GOP Congress member "shouldn’t repeal our benefits if he wants to keep his."


Along with Willard Romney, John Boehner, and Michele Bachmann, Rep. Mary Bono Mack, Rep. Dan Lungren, Rep. Bob Dold, Rep. Judy Biggert, Rep. Bobby Schilling, Rep. Nan Hayworth, Rep. Chris Gibson and others want a full repeal of President Obama's constitutional, legal, conservative Chief Justice Roberts-supported Affordable Care Act.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is going after them.

(CNN) – Pushed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the ads target seven House Republicans the group considers "vulnerable" in November. Democrats are aggressively trying to pick up 25 House seats this fall in order to take the House majority.

"House Republicans are sending an unmistakable message to voters that Republicans want to cut benefits for middle class families and protect insurance companies instead," DCCC Chairman Steve Israel said in a statement. "The American people don't want more of these political stunts from Republicans to pander to special interests, they want action to strengthen the middle class and create jobs."

Don't let up.