Video- Bill Kristol: If Obama Is Ahead In Polls Despite Jobs Numbers, Romney Camp Should Be Worried


YA THINK? I've been screaming this at my t.v. all week, wishing to god we were as cool as some people and had a direct line to the DNC or OFA or any of those orgs to tell them to say THIS!! Throw the damn ball back in Romney's court. I mean if he really was such a hot shot job maker, why is the President's "failed" agenda keeping his numbers up? What. Is. Wrong. With. Mitt? But no, it takes a RW shill like Kristol to say the truth that the Dem's don't see. UGH. Via.

  • David G

    Once again, the  conservative press has taken over the talking points. They've convinced Americans that Obama has had three consecutive poor job reports.  Let's look at this.  Under Obama, there have been 26 consecutive months of job GAINS.  Under Bush, there were 13 consecutive months of job LOSSES.  Which would you prefer?  Words like poor or disappointing are not qualitative in that they are only helpful when you compare them to something --not just generalities.  Sure, we all want more jobs... but a gain here is better than a loss, no matter what the metric used. DG

  • cognachas4paws

    How long can Romney keep this up - the secrecy?  It just reinforces the
    perception that he's shifty in my opinion.  How anyone can support this
    man is beyond me.

  • majii

    Boehner stated the problem to a woman at a town hall last week.  According to The Hill, a woman asked Boehner if he could make her love Romney, and Boehner basically told her no.  The more people find out about Romney, I think the less they like him.  I think the thing that's hurting him the most is his secrecy about everything related to him.  He won't release multi-year tax records, he won't discuss his offshore accounts, he won't discuss the specifics of any of his plans, he won't grant  more access to the major media outlets, etc, etc, etc.