VIDEO: CNN's Ashleigh Banfield pounds Rep. Joe Walsh over his comments about war vet Tammy Duckworth's military service


The minute I can get the full segment, I'll update. This was a full-on clash, and Banfield let that Deadbeat Dad scumbag Rep. Joe Walsh have it.

UPDATE: Here's the entire segment. I love the very, very, very end:

By the way, did Rep. Scumbag say "Ashleigh" enough for you?

  • matthewcarmody

    Hearing Walsh and other Republicans endlessly talking about the debt with no challenge from interviewers about how we got here, e.g., the Bush tax cuts, endless, unfunded wars, etc., makes me sick.
    We're smothering under debt because Reagan turned us into a debtor nation and gave us the S&L fiasco and Bush Jr., allowed his friends and his daddy's friends to loot the Treasury and brought about the meltdown in 2008. Granted the other wing of the Money Party is complicit in all of this, but Bush and the GOP should be forced to own these issues.

  • bpollen

    Walsh might have enjoyed that interview except for that damn lady who kept interrupting him as he was breaking wind.  Wait.  This just in... he was "talking" and not "breaking wind."  And the "damn lady" was the "interviewer."  Sorry for any confusion.

  • Little Merry Sunshine

    Until I moved recently, he was my Congressman. It was humiliating to say I was being represented by him. One thing I'd like to see someone talk abt is the promise he made when he was running against Melissa Bean in 2010 to only stay in Congress 1 term. Where did that go? Also, go back and watch the video again, he called Ashleigh Banfield "kiddo" as she was trying to ask a question when he was talking over her. She paused and I thought she was going to call him out on his sexism and disrespect, but she didn't. Made me wonder if she missed it. It was around 3 min in.

  • majii

    Walsh has nothing to offer his constituents, and he knows it.  Ashleigh Banfield peppered him with Tammy Duckworth's extensive list of accomplishments, and he could say nothing.  This odious lump of flesh has been sitting up in Congress for two years and has done nothing except make the media rounds to attack PBO and put his paycheck in the bank every month.   I recall that he and Ms. Duckworth had a debate back in May, so he was lying when he claimed that she is running away from debating him.  Walsh's most valuable asset is his mouth.  He uses it to talk over anyone who challenges him about anything.  Kudos to Ms. Banfield for pointing out that Walsh hasn't served in the military, and that he doesn't get to decide when a veteran or active duty soldier can/cannot talk about their military service.

  • Guest


    "Think Progress"  (so you KNOW it's true) analyzed teh deadbeat dad's tirade and counted 93 times he sneered her name in a 12 minute span.

    With a counter!

  • Is it just me, or does it look like Walsh knocked back a couple before this interview?

  • Guest

    I read on another site that he said "Ashley" 90 times in 12 minutes.  Somebody counted it so we don't have to.  It's the same tactic he tried with Chris Matthews, except then hey just kept yelling "Hey Chris", over and over again.

    HE basically just tries to shout down and bully his interviewers.