Newly released records: Trayvon Martin's killer George Zimmerman had broken nose, no head trauma; only sought medical help to get doctor’s note for work


Per The Miami Herald, the medical report detailing George Zimmerman's injuries was put together the day after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. A few questions are finally answered:

The day after he killed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman went to a clinic with a broken nose, black eyes and two cuts on his head, but the physician’s assistant determined he didn’t suffer any head trauma, newly released medical records show.

Zimmerman declined to go to an ear, nose and throat specialist even though it was recommended, the physician’s assistant who attended him twice noted. [...]

The medical records document several injuries, but also state that the only reason Zimmerman sought medical attention was because he needed a doctor’s note to return to work, Duval County Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda said in court last week.

The black eyes were consistent with the nose injury, but he didn't need stitches for the two cuts on his head because they were already healing. He was also on "a variety of medications" for various ailments.

So to recap, he had a broken nose but no head trauma, felt good enough to avoid going to a specialist (ignoring advice, just as he ignored the "we don't need you to" follow Trayvon Martin advice from the dispatcher), and he only asked for medical help because he needed a doctor's note for work.

  • When did TM say he was running from a man parked in a car on a cell phone? This was the dumbest comment you made so far on here.

  • How do you know what he needed and didn't need to do, are you some kind of psycho with some kind of X-ray vision sounding stupid as ever online?

  • Where are your saviors grass stains, wasn't he squirming and shimming for his life on the ground in the rain in the grass for over a minute? How many screws are loose up top over there?

  • You are the biggest buffoon out of you and VP.

  •  They call me the conspiracy theorist because I believe GZ  staged it, he grabbed Trayvon or made sure he saw his gun which caused Trayvon to fight for his life, GZ didn't fight back because he wanted witnesses to only see Trayvon throwing punches, Trayvon was the perfect size, he could allow him to get some hits in but make sure he wouldn't get his gun, the murderer knew he'd shoot Trayvon before it was all over. Those that support GZ are playing games and are only pretending to believe  he's innocent, they know without a doubt that he's guilty.

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  • "Being part of the race baiting" is not calling names.  Trayvon's lawyer is the State of Florida, is that who you tweet with?  You watch the lawyers on TV?  Did you watch their press conference with Mary Cutcher?  Or the interview Cheryl Brown did with Al Sharpton?  If so, why wouldn't you or anyone else report on the blatant lies these people told in order to sway public opinion?  Witness tampering is not news?  I'll bet if Mark O'Mara had a hand in the same despicable games, it would make the headlines.  Delete me if you want my dear, I'm not interested in yet another site dedicated to kissing the Martin family lawyers collective hind-ends.

  • while we are discussing "what ifs"

    "If" Trayvon hadn't  assaulted him this would neevr have happened. If if if if
    you can "what if" all day-and get nowhere. jmo

  •  "Race baiting"? Where was that again?

    Yes, I've reported on it and you're absolutely right, the dispatcher advised him against following him. That's part of the case against Z, and part of the reason there are second degree murder charges against him. See, I actually watched the lawyers on TV, I am followed by one of Trayvon's lawyers on Twitter and we exchange tweets, and I read.

    If you read our site, you'd also see we refer to the actual documents.

    Now let's talk about baiting, starting with you reading your own comment, VP.  And speaking of reading, try perusing our guidelines. We frown on baiting and name-calling like yours. Yes, blindly and stupidly accusing someone of race-baiting is name-calling, and condescending "maybe you could read the actual documents" is baiting.

    Try that again, you'll be deleted.

  • I agree; we just have to disagree.

    But, do read the Fla "Stalking" law-not the dictionary definition-because they are totally different, and the Fla Stalking law is what the court will use.

     Have a happy fourth!

  • Why was Trayvon running from a man parked in a car on a cell phone?  He started running while GZ was sitting in his car.  What exactly was he scared of?  Did he think GZ was going to abduct him and abuse him?  What?

  • Are you familiar with the case?  The dispatcher did not advise Zimmerman of anything.  He said, "tell me if he does anything else", then asked, "which way did he go", and said "we don't need you to do that", to which GZ said "OK".  86 seconds later, plenty of time for TM to make it home, TM suddenly appears within feet of where George last saw him.  Maybe you could read the actual documents and not the hyperbole from the media.  Being part of the race-baiting and rhetoric will kill your credibility once the facts start biting all the money-grubbing, fame who**s  in the bum.

  • Read all the witness statements. The point is not whether Z "attacked" him. Trayvon felt threatened. Z did stalk him.

    stalk2 [stawk] Show IPA
    verb (used without object)
    to pursue or approach prey, quarry, etc., stealthily.

    Trayvon's girlfriend told police he was scared. Look, I'm not going to litigate this here. It's pointless.

    I have my opinion, you have yours. I base mine on the reports I've read, interviews I've watched, lawyers I've heard and talked to.

    We'll have to let the jury decide, although the Stand Your Ground Law is ridiculous and tends to favor the one living, since in this case, the dead victim can't speak up.

  • Stalking is a legal term-requires action over a span of days or weeks.

    SYG only applies if attacked, or threatened with attack-not simply  followed, or  asked rude questions. cant assault someone for dissing or following you>
    lead investigator for State said he had no evidence zman started the fight-when asked under oath at first bail hearing 

    do you have a link to any verifiable evidence that zman attacked Tvon? 

  • oops wrong blog.

  • True Dan. Which means Trayvon was standing his ground when an armed Zimmerman stalked him against the advice of the dispatcher.

  • The extent  and severity of George Zimmerman's  injuries are not relevant to
     the issue of self defense.
    the reason is because there is NO legal duty for anyone to wait until they 
    are seriously injured *before* defending themselves from an assault in progress

     Potential serious injury is all that is required.

    Note: people have been killed in the boxing ring  by fists covered with gloves by
     "unarmed" opponents. 

  • Byrontho

     If he had not followed Travon in the 1st place  this would have never happened . That's damming enough.

  • HarborGuy

    I still think all those "injuries" are bull.

    Where was all that damage in that booking video? And did they mug shot him? still smells.

  • Doc

    Next time, just ask your friendly neighborhood doctor to translate.
    1. "No head trauma" is just medical-speak for "no concussion or loss of consciousness."
    2. Declined to go to an ear, nose and throat specialist = he didn't need to see a specialist for a simple broken nose, black eyes, and two small cuts, but the PA documented that it he recommended it, in case he missed a major medical problem (like a skull fracture), something bad happened as a result, and he got sued.
    3. The only reason Zimmerman sought medical treatment was because he needed a note to return to work: Of course. It was the day after he got a broken nose, and he was undoubtedly seen by a medic or doctor on the night it happened. There's no reason to go get medical treatment a day later unless your boss makes you go.

    That's all those things mean -- nothing damning there.