VIDEO: Debunking the myths about the Supreme Court health care decision


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Ed Schultz and Richard Wolffe had a field day.


"They now have the Supreme Court ruling against them... All that tea party waving the Constitution stuff doesn't hold up any more."

"Now the president has a conservative vote for health care, and that vote came from a man called John Roberts."

"You have to believe, you have to lead people to believe, that everyone's gonna pay the tax. That means nobody's buying health insurance any more! I mean, what kind of fantasy land is that? You can only do this by distorting things..."

"Remember Mitch McConnell's strategy here..."

Oh, we do, Richard, we do:

Via The Hill:

The policy is not a tax increase because people have a way of avoiding it, [Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.)] said.

"It's a penalty, but through the tax code, because that's an efficient way of picking it up," he said. "So when Republicans say this is a tax — and I've seen charges this is the biggest tax increase in American history — that's ridiculous. This is not a real tax increase. It's a requirement that everybody get health insurance."

It's not even a real penalty, because the IRS is forbidden from enforcing it. Nobody gets punished if they fail to pay the flat fee.

You simply have to link over and read Marco Rubio's magic "solution" to those who don't like Romneycare.

More debunkitude here.

Please watch the entire segment, it's well worth it:

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