Video- Stephanie Miller Talks Birther With Orly Taitz On Current TV


Orly is such a whack job that Stephs barbs don't even graze her.

  • I think Oily is an alien from the planet INSANE! Is it possible to send her back to Muldavia or wherever she came from? She has a lot of nerve putting a real United States citizen like President Obama, and us, through this.

  • Kenyan: This is your only warning. We don't allow baiting and lies or name-calling here (read our guidelines). You're a birther, therefore you are lying right now. I will ban your comments if you continue.

  • Have you ever seen Obama and Osama in the same room? Just sayin,,,

  • Omg, Kenyan... you're hilarious!!!

  • No she doesn't. She is ineligible just like Obama and she is aware of that!

  • Yes she is, she was naturalized 20 years ago!

  • We LOVE YOU Orly! Never stop til that Usurper is REMOVED!

  • Orly wants to be president.

  • Have you ever seen Orly Taitz and Andrea Martin in the same room? #justsayin #SCTV

  • TimFromLA

    It WAS Oily Taint er I mean Orly Taitz. Gee, it makes you wonder if Orly is a legal citizen?