Video- Herman Cain, Ken Blackwell: Eric Holder's Dereliction of Duty


Someone's slacking! There should be at least 5 viral versions of this up by now. Via. Also too, shouldn't Harold Ford Jr, Cory Booker and Artur Davis be doing a Motown back up singer thing with them?

  • kimbutgar

    Said the guy who denied people the right to vote in Ohio by purging their registrations and rigging the machines in Bush's favor. They had to get their two uncle toms to back up their voter suppression efforts that is how low the GOP has sunk. If the GOP is so great and they offer the American people a better way why are they denying people the right to vote. This video is a joke.

  • majii

    This is another GOP message fail. The GOP continues to put the faces of a couple of Black Americans in ads to push a message and thinks other Black Americans will fall for their BS. No deal. The one thing republicans must learn is that Black Americans recognize tokens when we see them. Who better to recognize a token than the group that the tokens are intended to appeal to? If only the GOP knew how much sh!t like this pizzzes us off.