Photos- 2012 Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco


From my ubber talented friend Cat, now safely ensconced in Oakland having immigrated from the wilds of Grand Rapids.

My big gay weekend. Wow. NBC Bay News tweeted last night that over one million people attended the San Francisco 2012 Pride Parade. I can believe that. Check the pictures at the end to see how the crowd spilled into Market Street - and it was jammed from the Ferry Building at the Embarcadero all the way up to 8th Street... and maybe beyond. I guess they head for the Castro, I stuck around the Uni Center, which was a HUGE party with music and food and drink and that was packed too. Quite the show.

73 pictures so far, and I've got many more. This is just the number I managed to get done from the parade with very little processing - and I haven't even gotten to the ones from Saturday yet.

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  • For a brief moment, I thought the Olympics Open Ceremonies got interesting. ;D #LGBT #pride