Video- President Obama Speaks at NALEO Conference 6/22/12


I thought he rocked this one. Via our lovely friend @ReasonVFear.

  • My wife works at a Latino-owned business. Very glad to have the work, very grateful...

  • Obama got a rousing cheer at the NALEO Latin American convention. Only the polite nature of the hispanic people saved Romney from a dose of flying tomatoes yesterday. Latinos, like Women, African American's, Asians, gays and others who republicans have a history of bashing not only with outright public bigotry, but with their "behind the scenes" efforts in congress and in state legislatures. The Hispanics have figured out in huge numbers that  "I'm a republican, and I'm here to help you" translates to "My name is Colonel Sanders, and I'm here to save all you chickens"  Romney is already figuring out that "Cuban EXILE" Rubio who lied about his parents fleeing Castro, since they had been in Florida 3 years before Castro seized power is not going to help him with Hispanics in Florida. And considering  Rubio's finaancial mis steps, including his house which is in FRORECLOSURE,  does not spell "qualified" for Vice President.  I'd like to see Marco's birth certificate, too!

  • Rjlahart

    The other guy is toast!