Breaking- Jerry Sandusky Will Burn In Hell


The whole thing is demeaning, disgusting and full of old time perversion that it makes me want to destroy everything around it, but at least those kids will get some closure. Fuck Sandusky, bet it takes less than a month for the city to change it's name.

BELLEFONTE, Pa. — Jerry Sandusky was convicted Friday of sexually assaulting 10 boys over 15 years, accusations that had sent shock waves through the college campus known as Happy Valley and led to the firing of Penn State's beloved Hall of Fame coach, Joe Paterno.

Jerry Sandusky arrives at the courthouse Thursday, June 21, 2012, for closing arguments of his sexual abuse trial, at the Centre County Courthouse, in Bellefonte, Pa. Sandusky is charged with 51 counts of child sexual abuse involving 10 boys over a period of 15 years. (AP Photo/Centre Daily Times, Nabil K. Mark)

Sandusky, a 68-year-old retired defensive coach who was once Paterno's heir apparent, was found guilty of 45 of 48 counts. He faces life in prison at sentencing, which is weeks away.

Sandusky showed little emotion as the verdict was read. The judge ordered him to be taken to the county jail to await sentencing in about three months.

Eight young men testified in a central Pennsylvania courtroom about a range of abuse, from kissing and massages to groping, oral sex and anal rape. For two other alleged victims, prosecutors relied on testimony from a university janitor and then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary, whose account of a sexual encounter between Sandusky and a boy of about 10 ultimately led to the Paterno's dismissal and the university president's ouster.

  • J

    Also the catholic pedophile protecting bishop in Philadelphia has been found guilty.
    I have long wondered what the connection was between Sandusky and Rick Santorum, I know they were friendly and Santorum nominated Sandusky for a special award for his work with kids!!!!!!!
    Also Sandorum is a a creepy person about anything to do with sex.

  • majii

    I'm really pizzzed at the wife, too. She testified that she knew nothing about what was going on. I think if a spouse wakes up in the middle of the night x number of times and finds his/her spouse missing, some questions would be asked, and it the behavior continued, the spouse would look into what the missing spouse was up to.

  • The Sandusky verdict finally wiped that dopey smile off his face. All through the trial he looked like he was on his way to a gala affair.

  • Tough stuff this. I'm glad the conviction is in.