Video- Fox's Tantaros: If Obama Is "Deporting All These Illegals" And "Has To Offer Amnesty," Doesn't It Mean He's Failed To Seal The Border?


Oh my, what part of "been here more than five years" don't you understand Ms. Brightness? Via Media Matters.

  • "Oh my, what part of “been here more than five years” don’t you understand Ms. Brightness?"

    Now, Paddy -- you know that "more than five years", would imply before Obama.

    And, to the wingnuttocracy, anything negative that occurred before Obama, is the fault of Clinton.

    {And anything positive is credited to Raygun}

  • Fox’s Tantaros: If Reagan Is “Deporting All These Illegals” And “Has To Offer
    Amnesty,” Doesn’t It Mean He’s Failed To Seal The Border?


  • David G

    Most of those who might benefit from the Obama directive crossed the borders while GW was President, not Obama.  These people couldn't have qualified if they just got here.  So again, Fox News is distortion babbling and faulty opinion, not real news.   DG