AUDIO- Republican Arizona radio host: "I call him a monkey... I voted for the white guy."


Meet Republican talk radio host Barbara Espinosa who calls President Obama a monkey and then loudly and clearly declares, "I voted for the white guy" on her show.

"I call him a monkey, and I don’t believe in calling him the first black president... I voted for the white guy myself.”

To make matters worse, she's proud of her vile comments, and admitted as much in her "Yes I did!" post here.

However, as Think Progress noted, Espinosa think she's "anything but racist" because of her last name.


Um, yeah, me neither.

  • majii

    This just goes to show how clueless Espinosa is.  It has never entered her mind that when she disrespects the president by calling him a monkey, she disrespects  millions of other Americans, and some of them didn't vote for him in 2008.  She's proud of her ignorance and lacks the ability to see that she's damaging the GOP brand.

  • Maritzasolito

    I am going to file this one under hateful b*tch.

  • But remember:  only progressives see race . . .