VIDEO: Mitt Romney refuses to answer yet another question, this time about his tax plan


I watched this interview with Willard Romney live this morning, and as usual, found myself screaming at the Tee Vee machine. He didn't give straight answers, used "Democrat" as an adjective (a common GOP dig that got no correction from Bob Schieffer), and did nothing but use talking points to attack President Obama's policies, wrongly I might add.

So, first Romney refused to say if he’d repeal the president’s new immigration policy.

Then he refused to explain his help-the-wealthy plan to lower tax rates by 20 percent — which he claims wouldn't unfairly benefit his rich pals, because, he says, it would limit their deductions. Of course, he wouldn't go into which deductions those would be:

Via Think Progress:

The few deductions he has mentioned would come nowhere close to covering the cost of his massive tax cut for the rich.

And even if Romney did manage to close enough loopholes and eliminate enough deductions so that the rich were paying the same amount that they are today, the economy would have to grow at a record rate to keep his tax plan from adding to the deficit.