How do you solve a problem like Mitt Romney?


Via twitpic @Lis_Smith Director of Rapid Response, Obama for America @DemGovs Alum.


Today is Willard Romney Humiliates Himself Day! I can't keep up with this whirling dervish of a candidate. He's too quick for this blogger, boy howdy!

First we had Mitt Romney’s Oopsies-in-New Hampshire Tour: Teleprompters, dueling airplanes, Q & A refusal, and flubs.

Then Mitt Romney’s big Pennsylvania switcheroo.

Now this (H/t: Livewire):

That's the note wacky, zany Willard left for the traveling press pool that rides along with him on his big campaign bus. Oh my, hahahahaha, somebody help me, hahahaha, what a riot. Ha. Ha. Ha.

  • "How do you solve a problem like Mitt Romney?"

    Vote against it . . .

  • Sally

    Wow. The man is absolutely clueless about how to interact with anyone not in his circle. I can just imagine him at some big international conference insulting one head of state after another with his 'jokes.' Most bullies grow up eventually; looks like Mitt never matured past 18.

  • majii

    The guy has NO sense of humor.  What he thinks is funny makes the rest of cringe and wonder what is wrong with him.

  • SaturNine

    This may or may not need to be your next politifilk...