VIDEO: The Root of Romney's Comfort with Lying



Psychiatrist DR. Justin Frank - The same man who Analyzed Presidents Bush and Obama - has analyzed Mitt Romney - and says Romney is comfortable lying, in part, because of the way he was raised in his Mormon faith. But could the reason why Romney can't tell the truth be something much more simple - and does it make him unfit to be President.

Sociopath? Or robot?

  • majii

    I was watching a crime program on TruTV the other night about two Mormon brothers that killed a couple and stole all of the money in their bank accounts.  During the program it was revealed that there are several training programs that many Mormons complete.  These programs teach that there is no right or wrong, and that the only thing that is important is reaching the goal(s) one has set.  When I heard this, I thought of Romney and the way he lies about everything and wondered whether he had completed any of these programs.  I think these Mormon training programs encourage people like Romney to lie by making them think that as long as they get what they want, lying is not a sin.  If this is the case, it seems that being a Christian is second to satisfying one's own desires for fame and fortune.