VIDEO: "Republicans have plotted treason now"



What do you call it when a small group of Republicans gather to intentionally sabotage an entire nation, just so their party can win political power off the pain of working Americans? Is it "treason"? Sedition? Or simply the most corrupt, evil, and petty sort of politics this town has seen since Newt Gingrich shut down the government and threw millions of Americans out of work because Bill Clinton had made him fly in the back of Air Force One?

Thom Hartmann. 'Nuff said.

  • I have felt this for a long time. What they are doing is obvious to anyone willing to keep an eye on government. I have never witnessed anything like this in all my 68 years on this planet. This is surely TREASON, to undermine your own country and your own people  for political gain.

  • NMaudlin

    I like this guy.

    Why the hell have I never heard of him?

  • This should be required viewing by every American.  Very rare to see someone in media speak the full truth.