VIDEO: My dear friend Alex Nester in Salvador Santana music video "Into the Light"


I couldn't be more proud. You may remember previous posts about my former theatre student and wonderful, gifted, sweet friend, Alex Nester. She is a cancer survivor, my hero, and is now in a music video with a Twitter pal of ours, the very talented Salvador Santana (@SalvadorSantana)!

Salvador is the son of ten-time Grammy winning guitarist Carlos Santana and poet/author Deborah Santana.


I'm so very thrilled to finally be able to share this with you all: the release of Salvador Santana's official music video for "INTO THE LIGHT"!!!! I had such a blast recording the song and filming the video with this incredibly talented artist.

Awesome. Just as she was in this.

  • lsamsa

    Wow!! I loved this!! Wonderful to see Carlos' son with his own talent & his own style.
    As for Alex...what a great voice...perfect for this song.