The Romney campaign "is breaking unwritten rules by attacking the U.S. president in a foreign media forum."


There's a "rule" that says taking our domestic disputes to an international level is a no-no. But that didn't stop Team Willard, whose senior economic adviser, in an op-ed in a German newspaper, didn't hesitate to criticize the president over his positions on the European economic crisis.

Austerity kills jobs, and by blocking the president's jobs plan and stimulus ideas, so do Republicans.

By the way, if President Obama had done even half of what Romney has, we'd be hearing about it 24/7 on every "librul media" outlet there is.

Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog:

[T]he Romney campaign is breaking unwritten rules by attacking the U.S. president in a foreign media forum.

... the Romney campaign knows Europe's crises are hurting the American economy, but it's nevertheless going to a European outlet to push for more austerity, which is already failing miserably on a continental level.

If Eurozone policymakers take the Romney campaign's advice, they lose and we lose...

And if Americans take the Romney campaign's advice and give him their vote, we all lose.

  • Sally

    Yes, remember the shellacking the President took when he was in Europe and dared to shake hands with foreign leaders? Palin is still talking about his 'apology tour.' But Mitt? Well he can lie about anything and everything, and the media just shrugs. Wonder how much shrugging they will do if Romney lies his way into DC and the Kochs and Norquist take over the country.