Did I hear this correctly?


I flipped on MSNBC and caught this Moment of WTF from Chris Jansing (slightly paraphrased):

"I know I shouldn't say this, but is Bill Clinton President Obama's Donald Trump?"

You're right, Chris, you shouldn't have said it.

No matter what similarities Jansing was referring to, if any exist, the premise is so faulty that she should have known better than to take it seriously enough to go against her own better judgment and ask that truly idiotic question.

The obligatory response:

Comparing a popular former Democratic president to a right wing shill was unnecessary and over the top. Clinton is admired and continues to contribute and be honored for his work both nationally and globally. He is clearly intelligent, a terrific communicator, and is highly accomplished.

He also has, you know, credibility.

Trump is a whackadoodle birther, an embarrassing laughingstock, a self-promoting buffoon, "the Pied Piper of American racism," whose current claim to fame is being a reality TV host with a bad comb-over who gets off on firing people.

In fact, his association with Mitt Romney is not exactly helping the GOP nominee's cause, whereas Clinton is generally a plus for Team Obama.

Come on, Ms. Jansing. You're better than that. Or are you?