BREAKING: Scott Walker's Closest Aide Flips on WI Governor, Revealed in Court as Source of Damaging Leak


Via is reporting that Tim Russell told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was stonewalling investigators all along, despite Scotty's claims to the contrary:

Scott Walker's closest political aide has just been named in Milwaukee County Circuit Court Monday as the source of damaging revelations that undermine Walker's claim that he has cooperated with the John Doe criminal corruption probe into his current and former administrations.

So Scotty's closest aide is cooperating with the prosecution, giving them damaging information about his boss.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate:

"That Scott Walker's longtime and closest political aide, who is charged with stealing from veterans, is the source of information undercutting Walker's self-serving claims of cooperation shows with crystal clarity just why Wisconsin must remove Scott Walker from office tomorrow... Today's revelation removes any doubt that Scott Walker is the target of a criminal prosecution."

According to a tweet from Walker's opponent in the recall election, Democrat Tom Barrett, "Final tracking poll shows that the diff in this race isn't 1 percentage pt -- it's one vote: 47.8% -47.7%."