VIDEO- "Face the Nation's" Schieffer to RNC chair Reince Priebus: Mitt Romney "silly and petty" for Solyndra stunt


Bob Schieffer pointing out GOP hypocrisy to RNC chair Reince Priebus:

“You say, a president that’s in love with his own voice. That leads me to what you all were doing last week, that is organizing a rally to try to drown out David Axelrod when he goes up to Boston at the same that out on the west coast Gov. Romney was loading up reporters in a bus and taking them on a secret mission to the Solyndra plant because he said he couldn’t reveal where they were going, but he was fearful that Democrats would try to break that up. Isn’t that kind of silly and petty when you look at it? This campaign should be, it seems to me, about very serious things and serious issues.”

Um, Reince? Mitt Romney has at least two Solyndras of his own, but who's counting? Oh, and fake presidential Solyndra scandals don't count.


"Mr. Priebus, you're not saying that the economy was in great shape when Pres. Obama took the oath. It seems to me there might have been a couple of little problems before that."

Yeah, there might have been:

Via The Maddow Blog