VIDEO: Mitt Romney blatantly lies about Solyndra, but, oops, has a "Solyndra" problem of his very own


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The GOP, and now Willard Romney specifically, has been trying everything they can to create a scandal where there is none regarding the collapse of American solar-power company Solyndra.

But, oops! The fake Solyndra scandal has backfired, as you can see in the clip above, especially because Romney lied outright. Doubly especially because Mitt is a major hypocrite.

Here is the entire segment in which Rachel calls out even more Romney lies:

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  • LOL, oh Charles, you slay me.

  • Charles

    When Rachel Maddow refuses to hold Obama to the same standard is that a Lie, or just highly hypocritical? A good example in Obama's original biography it was written he was born in Kenya after he announced his would run for president it was changed to born in America, Hawaii I dont care where he was born but obviously he lied at some point.  Why doesn't the honest Rachel Maddow run a report on this?

  • Nope!

  • anon

    And have you seen any of the mainstream media picking this up?

  • At what point do gaffes become character flaws? Does Mittens see other politicians stretch the truth, and therefore sees it as a lie is a lie is a lie? Or is that Willie's too much of a buffoon to know he's a buffoon? The GOP needs to reboot. Badly.