VIDEO: Four year-old gets standing O for singing "Ain't No Homos Gonna Make It To Heaven" in church


Children singing in Church to enthusiastic... by f100001838231867

(Apostolic Truth Tabernacle in Greensburg, Indiana.)

Awww, just listen to all those Very Christian supporters of bigotry cheer their little cherub as he warbles his misguided little heart out. Look, Mom, no gays!

Family values, my ass, teaching an innocent child to condemn "homos" to hell. Who could ask for a more loving, do unto others crowd?

Via Joe. My. God.

H/t: Wonkette

  • Jane Hawes

     The problem isn't religion so much as human nature; religion is merely the platform people use to justify the dark side of our nature.  Unlike a lot of  so-called "Christians," I actually read the Bible, and Jesus specifically said we are not to judge each other,  "for the judgment you give will be the judgment you receive."  I take that to mean that any "Christian" who consigns another person to hell is likely to wind up there himself.  Jesus calls us to love, not to hate, and it's not his fault if his followers aren't paying attention.

  • Let's hear it for the 'decline and fall'  of organized religion. Yea!!!  Because it IS the sum total of what we are witnessing in our decrepit world.  The world is a beautiful woman in an ugly dress, all dressed up with no place to 'ho'.

  • The only thing to 'blame' here IS religion.   Most have at their basis love and respect enacted in their 'scriptures'.  Then through their 'male' hierarchy manifest power as it's direction, dominance follows.  Most religion is a blight on our world.  Ya'll can take your thoughts of power over another person and shove 'em where the sun don't shine.  If you think you are any better than ANYONE else, you're full of ......... BTW they have tuned off their email service on their website. Chickenshits!

  • Ellen2753

    Man created  the god myth.  Religion was created by men who are scared of death, the unknown, and desire to live forever. Also, man needs forgiveness for the wrongs he perpetrates on others to ease their conciseness in order to continue living without the baggage of guilt. Some fanatics espouse religion, some integers profess to believe it, and some imbeciles actually do. Ignorance is ubiquitous!

  • How nice of this "church" to encourage a 4-year-old to use "homo." They've already set him up to bully classmates who act too "girly" before he even enters kindergarten.


    Someone needs to make to make capy and send this to the media outlets such as MSNBC; CNN AND ABC AND CBS, HNL ECT...Also can someone please paste this on YOUTUBE! this is a disgrace....Bigotry of any kind is bigatry! Wow~   

  • Guest

    So sad. The church's website says they have experienced good growth and look to be a medium sized church so chances are there was an LGBT person present when this video was made. 

  • jeffreyro5

    This poor child will have to live with having done this his whole life. It's a public video and how do you get rid of it?

  • jeffreyro5

    Christianity has become a hate movement in this country. One more step in the decline and fall of organized religion. 

  • majii

    This kid's parents had better watch out because if they keep pushing this kind of BullStank, they probably won't be in heaven at all.  It makes me angry that people who call themselves Christians keep pushing hate.  Furthermore, the Bible teaches that it's impossible for man to know the mind of God, but these folks won't stop insisting that they know what he thinks.  It's sickening seeing a little kid being indoctrinated at a young age to hate others.  He doesn't even know what the word homosexual means.  This is a clear example of parents teaching a kid to hate.  These are the same people who probably wouldn't let their kid(s) watch a video of the president telling studentss about the value of a good education and to stay in school.  That wasn't indoctrination, but this sure is.

  • HarborGuy

    Wow...that's just sicko.

  • Sally

    In our Memorial Day parade, a cute little 5-6 year old was on a flatbed truck with a bunch of other little Right to Lifers, screaming "Stand Up for Your Religious Freedom." And this was at the end of an hour long parade. I wanted to ask him what he I stand up for my religious freedom by shouting down HIS? 

  • MknightLV

    Hate isn't a  family VALUE.  HATE is Tought.  Shame on the Adults teaching this. It is UNGODLY.