VIDEO: Fla. Gov. Rick Scott's administration purges legitimate voters, promises, "There will be more names."


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After watching the above Maddow segment last night, I was not only boiling mad, but also sickened by what's happening to this country.

State by state, GOP governor by GOP governor, more and more intrusive, jaw-droppingly unfair laws have targeted women and minorities, making life unbearable for countless people, making basic rights unattainable (mostly for Dems), including causing legitimate, longtime voters to jump through nearly impossible hoops, like asking United States citizens for their papers.

Again, like asking U.S. citizens for their papers. Randomly. Under the pretense of, "Are you saying you want illegal immigrants to vote???" (I was asked that, seriously, on Twitter yesterday. Out of the blue. Seriously.)

Repeat after me: Voter fraud is nearly non-existent.

Watch the video. Pay attention. Please don't let this issue slip by while you're busy worrying about where your next paycheck is coming from, because voter disenfranchisement, just like what's happening under Rick Scott's watch, can change your life, too, by determining the outcome of elections.

And to make a bad situation worse, there's this via Think Progress:

Scott administration officials made it clear they were just getting started:

Chris Cate, a spokesman for the state Division of Elections, defended the state’s actions. “It’s very important we make sure ineligible voters can’t cast a ballot,” he said in an email to the Herald on Tuesday.

He said the state continues to identify ineligible voters, saying the state Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has agreed to update information using a federal database that the elections division couldn’t access directly.

“We won’t be sending any new names to supervisors until the information we have is updated, because we always want to make sure we are using the best information available,” Cate wrote. “I don’t have a timetable on when the next list of names will be sent to supervisors, but there will be more names.”