Mitt Romney's plethora of "twigs"


The Hill is reporting this Romney quote about how desperate he claims Team Obama is:

"His campaign these days is trying to find a twig to hold on to..."

See, here's the thing, Willard. If you're going to throw around accusations of desperation, then you can't latch on to loons like Donald Trump as your campaign surrogate.

You can't be so hard up to raise extra cash that you rely on “bloviating ignorami” for fundraising (as if your super PACS won't rake in enough).

You can't talk "twigs" when you're out there scrambling for original ideas while copying the president's.

You can't pop out with "twig to hold on to" quips when you yourself are so desperate that you depend on "Noun, Verb, 9/11" Rudy Giuliani to talk you up, but oops, he ends up talking himself up.

You can't use lame "twig" metaphors after you've invalidated your own "job creator" and GOP Econ 101 talking points.

 Pot. Kettle...