Thursday Links


Jeebus, another busy day here at Casa Paddy.

World's tallest tower, the Tokyo Skytree, opens

We still don’t know how to brush our teeth despite years of advice, reveals study

Death rate drops among Americans with diabetes -CDC

Nazi legacy: The troubled descendants

Earth Ponds (This is cool)

Google Maps project shows you how far the bus can take you in 30 minutes in major cities across the world

Flood of fake Chinese parts in US military gear: report

Skin cells turned into healthy heart muscle cells

HOWTO make Star Wars vehicles from 3.5" floppies

Monmouth, Wales becomes first Wikipedia town with barcodes at landmarks that link to smartphones guides

Beam 'em up: 'Star Trek' actor's ashes go in orbit

Beijing sets 'two flies only' public toilet guidelines

HOWTO make unicorn poop cookies

Noisy sex couple become internet hit after fed-up neighbour records bedroom antics

More relatives, friends caring for kids: report

Scientists create robot which can build its own tools