VIDEO: Mitt Romney to Latinos: "Minority children suffer the most. [Education] is the civil-rights issue of our era."


At The Latino Coalition, a pro-business group led by President George W. Bush’s Small Business Administrator.

"Here we are in the most prosperous nation, but millions of kids are getting a third-world education. And, America’s minority children suffer the most. This is the civil-rights issue of our era. It’s the great challenge of our time."

This from the guy who is being stomped on by President Obama by 34 points among registered Latino voters, 61% to 27%.

This is also the guy whose immigration policy is "self deportation." 

And this is the guy who wants to make huge cuts to education. Stee-rike three!

Think Progress:

Romney promised to consolidate the Department of Education with another agency or to make it “a heck of a lot smaller.”

Could he be any more full of shMitt?