President Obama: No more deficit deals without higher tax revenues from wealthiest Americans


A picture's worth...

Meanwhile, Grover Norquist is all over the Tee Vee machine lately:

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Could this be why? Via the New York Times:

On Tuesday, the speaker reiterated what has become known as the Boehner Rule: House Republicans will not increase the debt ceiling again without spending cuts of a greater amount. Mr. Obama, on Wednesday, told him Congress must pass a “clean” debt-limit increase to cover the nation’s obligations; there will be no more deficit deals, he said, without higher tax revenues from the wealthiest Americans... [T]his time the Obama administration believes it has the greater leverage. [...]

Tax increases were part of nearly every significant deficit-reduction measure of the 1980s and 1990s, including the 1982, 1984 and 1987 packages signed by Ronald Reagan, the 1990 accord under George H.W. Bush and Mr. Clinton’s 1993 measure... Mr. Obama’s chief of staff, Mr. Lew, participated in most of those deals, as an aide to House Democratic leaders and then as Mr. Clinton’s budget director.

Let's hope the president gets his way. It's hard to imagine, though.

Norquist is neither an elected official, an authority on anything, nor even a credible person. He is so full of misinformation, lies, and bull pucky, why legitimize him by inviting him to be on any cable news shows, especially ones that refuse to challenge him?

And no, I don't count Fox shows as news.