Mitt Romney calls "predecessor" to thank him


It's hard to believe that it's considered news if Mitt Romney calls President Obama's predecessor by name. But it is. To refresh your memory:

St. Petersburg, Florida (CNN) – The day after former President George W. Bush gave him an impromptu endorsement, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney pointedly avoided naming his new supporter in a Wednesday speech.

Instead, Romney referred to Bush five times as a “predecessor” to President Barack Obama.

That Moment of Avoidance came after GW Bush did this:

“’I’m for Mitt Romney,” Bush told ABC News Tuesday morning “as the doors of an elevator closed on him.”

And that Moment of Inanity became fodder for David Letterman’s Moment of Simulation.

And all of that finally led to a Moment of Gratitude from Willard:

(CNN) – Likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney called former President George W. Bush to thank him for his support, two sources told CNN.

Just a wild guess, but it's pretty much a sure thing that, at some point during the call, Willard called GW by name.

Either that or he called him Mr. Predecessor. Nah, that would be too awkward for even Mitt Romney.

Note: Edited.