VIDEO- WI GOP Rep. Sean Duffy on "cool, hip" President Obama: "He could dance, he could sing."


Spotted by CREDO SuperPac's @TakeDownDuffy campaign, Wisconsin teabagger Rep. Sean Duffy (7th district) was on Fox & Friends saying President Obama was elected because "he could dance, he could sing":

'Nuff said.

H/t: @murshedz

  • Sally

    Hey, Mr. Duffy, if the youth are looking for 'real policies,' they will NOT be voting guys haven't put forth one policy in 4 years now other than Norquist's "NO Tax" crap.

  • Sally

    Oh, my. We might add, "He can think. He can speak in sentences. He has a vision beyond what country to bomb next and how big to grow government and the military. He loves his family. He handles pressure well. He doesn't overreact to criticism...he's never been the 'victim.' He thinks through an issue before making a decision. And did I mention, he doesn't lie about his know, he has integrity." And by the way, I don't think we ever saw him dance or sing in 2008  while in the midst of a heated campaign with Hillary and into the viciousness with which Palin attacked him. Fox strikes out, again. (And someone tell Mitt NOT to sing, please.)

  • trandyw

    Wasn't he elected because he was on a reality t.v. show on MTV.  Just asking.

  • majii

    If anyone wants to know why most Black Americans don't vote for GOP politicians, he/she has only to see this video clip.