Wednesday Links


My dad grew incredible roses, and every season would pick the most perfect one for my mom and put in a pickle jar in the middle of the kitchen table. A Pollack's version of romance. My mom loved it.

Video- Dan Pink's travel tips

Scientists are developing an 'electronic nose' app for smart phones

Report: female farmworkers suffer sex abuse

Video- Russian soft-drinks explained: tastes like forests, rye bread, licorice, bubblegum

New exhibition at the V&A to chart the glitz and glamour of formal gowns over the decades

3D printed chess set whose pieces form a "Chess Giant"

Traditional English flower makes a comeback after gardeners fall out of love with exotic blooms

Carlos Fuentes, eminent Mexican writer, dies at 83

Rewired nerves allow paralysed man to use hand

Video- Animated Russian "Winnie the Pooh" from 1972 is quite the Nietzschean bummer

Women with supportive families are not pressurised by 'thin and beautiful' ideal

Younger Cuban-American voters shift away from the GOP and toward an independent outlook

Hilarious pictures of the pets who just couldn't keep out of the picture

GOP shoots down civil unions in Colorado

Earliest ever limestone carvings dating back 37,000 years believed to depict female private parts (if you have a vivid imagination)

How to: Make a unicorn

Kodak's New York HQ housed secret underground nuclear reactor

Senators see ballooning national crisis: helium shortage