VIDEO: What an insane anti-gay wingnut looks like... and watch the guy behind her.



Via Towleroad, where there's more.

The testimony by this loon at this week's hearings regarding a proposed LGBT non-discrimination ordinance in Nebraska can only be topped by the hilarious (and appropriate) reaction from the guy behind her.

No, I take that back. The insane, anti-gay wingnut wins.

  • lsamsa

    Whoa...this woman is certifiable!! Really sad part many homophobes listening to her, will hear what they want to hear in order to back up their own ignorance.

  • It may just be the chemicals in all the crop dusting...

  • LOL - I've been that guy behind her!  
    Funny, I like this woman's argument that "gays don't live past 40"  I just stopped to think about it, and I honestly don't personally know a "gay" under the age of 40.  Likely because I'm just getting older...but darnitall....I know HUNDREDS over 40, DOZENS over 60, and a HANDFUL over 80.

    ...ROTFLOL...I just heard the part about Judas being a homo....OMG.  

    We have a woman in town here that must be this woman's twin.  It was for her that I was performing acrobatics at a council meeting when Mr. Blondetwit was Mayor.  He was fit to kill me.  I was unapologetic.  She's an idiot who needs to be restrained and treated.  Where is a mental health facility when you need one.  Oh right...Thanks Ronnie...

  • That's gotta be the lady who sits on her porch with binoculars all day writing down license plate numbers.