Video- Fox's Doocy Tries To Blame Obama For JP Morgan Losses: "If He's The President, He's The President Of The Banks, Too"


The man is a font of wisdom. Via.

  • No actually, he's not.


  • kimbutgar

    Oh another blog I read this AM they said that rmoney was going to be blamed for being against the Volcker rule which the JPM loss wouldn't have happened if the rule was enforced but I said Fox would blame the President as a joke and now I read they are blaming the President. These cretins at Fox have no shame nor creditability. They threw whatever shit they can against the President and hope it sticks but it smacks of desparation on their part IMHO. 

  • dusty17

    And yet Fox claims he played no role in the killing of Bin Laden- what a bunch of fools