VIDEO- Beach Boys singer: "Obama's an a**hole... Our guy isn't good...He's not gonna win."


Via TMZ:

Americans will be "f**ked" if Barack Obama gets re-elected.

And yes, he used the "socialist" word.

I loved the Beach Boys... until now. Well, I still love their music, and I've met Brian Wilson who seemed pretty nice, but Bruce Johnston can go jump in a lake, despite the fact that he's an equal opportunity name-caller.

He should stick to singing.

Pot. Kettle. A-hole.

  • Hey look, anyone has the right to call the president an asshole. Hell, I called GWB one three times a day. But Obama? Even if you disagree with the guy, he doesn't have an asshole bone in his body. Well...except for...oh, you know what I mean.

  • Walt

     I agree with HarborGuy.  Exactly what has Obama done to warrant such an attack.  Just like last week on the Bill Maher show he asked of the same thing, noting Obama, in historical perspective, has been a moderate president,  where is this basis that the right holds that Obama is the most socialist and anti Constitutional president in history?  It all leads to the manipulation of Fox News and the rest of the extremist right wing echo chamber who is using disinformation and fear to manufacture this irrational hatred for Pres. Obama.   Can you imagine if a 9/11 were to happen on his watch?

    This asshat is probably a Fox News bobble head.  But the utter lack of decency that the other side of the political spectrum has consistently demonstrated since Obama has become president should be recognized by most Americans and should reflect this is the November election.  We are a better nation than what the republicon/tea party has shown.

  • Beaudelais

    Beach Boys started to really suck after Dennis died. He at least was the real beach boy. Mike Love & Bruce - meh. wanna be hasbeens who should stick to singing to the folks in Branson.

  • Where's Laura Ingraham to tell Brucie to "just shut up and sing"?

  • I really love all these "celebs" who feel they have the right to call the President an "asshole", or worse, in public, to the media.   Jon Lovitz distinguished himself in this manner a few weeks ago.  Victoria Jackson is off the deep end, mentally.   Mark Halperin, supposedly a journalist (co-author of "Game Change") called the President an asshole last Fall and was suspended, briefly, from MSNBC's "Morning Joe".    Oh, and let's not ignore Ted Nugent and Hank Williams Jr, a couple of total has-beens, calling him names and threatening his safety, etc. 

    As for the Beach Boys, well, I'm a born and raised Angeleno.  I grew up with the Beach Boys (figuratively speaking) and love their music.  But they haven't been able to play a decent set iin over 25 years thanks to addiction, in-fighting & general entitlement issues.  I saw them perform in San Diego in the early 80's and they sucked big time.  Dennis & Carl were still alive and both played but Dennis had to be carried off the stage and replaced.  Brian at that time was still in hibernation.  They were the biggest disappointment I've ever had at a concert and I've been lucky to see most of the greats.

    Soooo, I'm guessing old Bruce just doesn't want to pay his fair share of taxes or give a woman the right to choose or help the less fortunate or help make medical care affordable for all.

    Nobody cares what these old dudes say any more. 

  • Tyroanee

    Gee I was gonna go take my kids this summer to see the Beach Boys, but I had no idea that they were completely bat-shit crazy. Pass

  • JimmyPete

    Screw him, the king of White guy music,  

  • Grouperdogamo

    Old alcoholic white guys hate Obama...

  • HarborGuy

    And exactly WHY is he such an a**hole???????

    I am SO over the Thugs, Bullie and Baggers vomiting up stuff like this.

    I still stand by the fact that it is all because he is not-all-white. They just
    cannot stand it.

  • kimbutgar

    He's not an original beach boy so who cares what this old jerk says.