VIDEO- Mitt Romney: Unmarried gay couples can adopt children. But marry? No way.


Mitt wants a "national standard" for marriage... but remember, big, scary federal government needs to be small and unobtrusive, right?

And then there's the video above, via TPM:

“I happen to believe that the best setting for raising a child is where this is the opportunity to a mom and a dad to be in the home. There are many circumstances where that is not possible. Through death. Divorce,” he said. “I know many gay couples are able to adopt children. That is fine. But my preference is we encourage the marriage of a man and a woman and we continue to define marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman.”

Barney Frank on Hardball just now: There aren't enough married couples to go around to care for all the children out there who are up for adoption.

Okay, let's recap: Willard thinks that it's just dandy for a gay couple to adopt kids. They can be legally united, responsible for them, shape their lives, and offer them unconditional love, but they can't marry in order to do the same for each other.