Opposite World: Fox's Shepard Smith agrees with Pres. Obama; Mitt Romney: "You don’t change your positions to try and win..."


Above, you'll see Fox's Shep Smith agreeing with President Obama; he thinks conservatives are "on the wrong side of history" on marriage equality. (Score two in a row for Shep!)

Speaking of opposites, via Livewire, Romney's latest Moment O' WTF on ClusterFox:

You don’t change your positions to try and win states or certain sub-groups of Americans,” Romney said of the president’s announcement. “You have the positions you have.”

This Moment O' WTF was brought to you by "Opposite World", the happy place that Willard M. Romney and his fellow conservatives jet off to when they feel a query from the press coming on.

  • majii

    So sayeth the politician who invented "Etch A Sketch Politics."  This is more proof that Romney has no shame.  IMHO, the president didn't change positions on the issue of gay marriage.  He was always FOR the right of gay persons to love whomever they choose.  His issue seems to have been with semantics--civil union vs. gay marriage.  He had to catch up with the other United Church of Christ members.  The UCC approved  gay marriage in 2005!  As he said, he had to evolve, but the family already belonged to a church that accepted gay marriage.

  • r_dale

    I can't believe this guy still has a job at Faux...