Poll-itics: President Obama beating Mitt Romney in Ohio


Only minutes ago, I posted President Obama beating Mitt Romney by double digits in Iowa.  But wait! There's more!

Public Policy Polling: President Obama is beating Mitt Romney 50% to 43% in Ohio:

Obama's lead in the state may be driven more by the fact that Ohioans just don't much care for Mitt Romney. 37% have a favorable opinion of him to 53% with a negative one. [...]

[Chicken impressionist Rob] Portman would help Romney a little bit in Ohio. When you add him to the ticket Obama's lead over Romney drops from 50-43 to 49-44. He doesn't move any Democrats or independents in Romney's direction...

Cluck off.

  • It has to be Obama -- he has done a good job at a very difficult time; and  Willard Romney would be a disaster for America.  

  • Just remember Dukakis had at one point a far bigger national lead over Bush the father in 1988. We did not have a president called Dukakis. The only poll I will trust is the one on election night where people vote. 

    Until then I will feel good about Obama in lead but still be very nervous.