Sunday Links


I'm off on a "sanity day" so skeletal posting and be nice to Gotta.

Here's what happens when glamour modelling goes wrong...

Video- Blind man 'excited' at retina implant

Video- Documentary trailer about the 86-year-old man who lives alone on an island

U.S. launches first-ever marketing campaign to halt falling numbers of tourists

A California desert town on the way up ... into space

Scientists insert ancient DNA gene into modern bacteria to see if evolution plays out the same way twice

Video- Nearly a Century of Whistling in Music Captured in a Three-Minute Medley

Adrian Wiszniewski exhibition depicts love life of Robert Burns

Feds: Alabama immigration law caused spike in Hispanic student absences

Do YOU believe in the three second rule? Scientists reveal whether food dropped on the floor is safe to eat (if it's picked up quickly enough)

Video- Harmless: The Paranormal Activity Porn Parody That Opposes Masturbation

The robot that shampoos, conditions and blow-dries your hair (but is it any good with tangles?)

DIY astrophotographers track spy satellites

White House For Sale (Infographic)

British scientists create artificial 'skin' that can copy squid's ability to instantly change colour

Video- Meat Glue