Saturday Links


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Hamlet, a bra and the bat signal…Unusual cloud formations revealed in new book 'Clouds That Look Like Things'

Making your first papercraft automaton

Squeezing penis with hot iron 'not assault': court

1st private cargo run to space station now May 19

Bamboo-zling scene: Chinese researchers dressed in panda costumes carry bear to new home to learn how to live in the wild

Electrical engineer builds devices to detect ghosts

Dr Evil, here's your 'sharks with frickin' laser beams': Austin Powers' arch-nemesis dream killing machine becomes reality...

Vogue bans too-skinny models from its pages

Video- Clean lines of Bauhaus on show at Barbican in London

Giant panda insemination more fascinating than you might guess

Ikea also used Cuban prison labour: report

National Mall to get $700 million redesign