Friday Links


Fridays used to be so cool.

Awesome lamp resembles Zeppelin airship

? Android app warns how much radiation your phone is blasting into you (but Apple won't allow it for iPhone)

How one man may have foiled a devastating cyberattack against America

The fame name index: How the popularity of baby names is tied to the ups (and downs) of the famous

Entire Observable Universe Modeled Using French Supercomputer

Video- Tourists rescued from top of statue in Barcelona

The bar's been raised: Shampoo makers create eco-friendly cakes

Video- Filthy Jonathan Coulton song interpreted in sign

Woman registers new 161-word name

Damn Giant Moon Will Deprive Everyone of Awesome Meteor Shower

Elephant Plays Tunes on Harmonica at National Zoo
Friendly Reminder: Don’t Put Your Explosive Portable Meth Lab Down Your Pants

Stolen: ten ton bridge

Mexican experts find ancient blood on stone knives