VIDEO: Newt Gingrich Quits Presidential Race... Please Don't Go!


I'm not sure which video was more amusing, the one by my buddy above, or Newton Leroy Gingrich's endless twenty-three-minute word salad below:

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Here are a few of my livetweets and some other tweets:

"Suspending the campaign does NOT mean suspending citizenship." Wait... where is his birth certificate!

"I've written 24 books, Callista and I have done documentaries" ... And THAT is why he's holding this presser.

RT @markos: Newt makes a strong case for teleprompters | ...And for better candidates.

"Moon colony wasn't my most clever comment in the campaign." Nor were your others.

"Congress has decayed dramatically." And by Congress, he meant, the GOP.

RT @tkbva: Newt is the one who began the destruction of Congress.

Re: Supreme Court judges: "Who would Romney appoint vs Obama"| Exactly. We have two choices. Want more Scalias?

Newt ends bid for presidency, begins bid for longest winded ex-candidate.

Ha! @KrystalBall1 just called #Newtered "delusional." Most moon colony leaders are.

Newt is FINALLY freed up to be a school janitor.

  • David G.

    His removing himself from active candidacy is not newsworthy.  He's been out of this thing before he got it... So shame on the TV coverage for wasting our time.  Bring back that 3rd rerun of last night's Housewives...  DG

  • Callista's eyes sometimes rival Nancy Reagan's on the Richter Creepness Scale...

  • EEEeeeeegooo MAAAANNIAAAAA!!!!!

  • majii

    I was watching Martin Bashir, but when MB switched over to show Newt's parting remarks, I couldn't take it.  Since I'm a lifelong resident of GA, I've had more than enough of Newt's lies at the state and national level.  He can now resume his book tour, and Calista can continue making those RW videos.  All I have to say to them is good riddance to bad rubbish!