Video- Fox's Lou Dobbs: "I'm Not Saying Anybody Is A Communist," But Obama 2012 Slogan, "Forward," Is Tied To Communists, Fascists


I thought he was gone and forgotten, but nope, Lou still tries to be relevant. Via.

  • HarborGuy


  • I'm not saying Lou Dobbs is a paranoid conspiracy freak, but chalkboards are tied to Glenn Beck and programming too loony even for Fox News.

  • It's sad when someone tries so hard to be relevant ...........

  • jillibrown

    “I’m Not Saying Anybody Is A Communist,” But Obama 2012 Slogan, “Forward,” Is Tied To Communists, Fascists"

    And, as Rachel Maddow so eloquently pointed out, "Forward" is also tied to the communist, fascist state of Wisconsin.  "Forward" appears on their state flag and on their version of the quarter.
    That Lou Dobb's, he's a barrel of laughs.

  • Walt Mistler

    Lou said 'tied', he must be into sadistic bondage.