Video Overnight Thread- A 267 mph Ride On The Shanghai Maglev Train


Yeah, no regular old 80 mph trains for the U.S., but China can construct a buttload of these things. Swear to god, Republicans have no long term visions except destruction. Via.

  • Uranus

    How correct you are when you attribute the absence of this very technology to republicans. Maglev is a suppressed technology in the U.S. It was said in recent years maglev trains in underground tunnels achieved a speed in excess of mach 4. Now driven by antigravity, one can travel to any two points on earth in under an hour.

    I read the whole transportation section of U.S. Code 10 years ago. There were so many generous tax incentives for industries developing maglev train technology, a company making a substantial investment in the research could do a real handy business with just the tax incentives.

    But, the purpose of the incentives wasn't to bring this good tool to the public domain. It was to keep it out of the public domain, even as taxpayers fund the research—as always.

    The decision to steal the technical data of the antigravity project, the grandest violation of the public trust, and the decision to keep it quiet and sell the technology on the black market, including assassinating John, Bobby and John Jr. to keep the crime hidden, all these things, were done to humanity by America's republicans.

    Maglev requires so much electricity it isn't practical without overunity generators, so it's a clean technology without energy cost. Without deployment of that technology, America is lost.