Video- GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Says The Country Only Elected President Obama Because He’s Black


I waffled on posting this but Walsh is such an asshat. Via.

  • GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Says The Country Only Elected President Obama Because He’s Black

    Of course, Joe.

    Same reason Pennsylvania elected Gov. Lynn Swann, Illinois elected Sen. Alan Keyes, and the country elected President Jesse Jackson . . .

  • majii

    Every frigging time one of these RW bozos says something like this, I see RED.  I've voted for white politicians since I cast my first vote in 1972, and I voted for Barack Obama for the same reason that I voted for them:  I thought he was the best candidate for the job.  Walsh and others like him don't realize how insulting a comment like this is not only to Black Americans but to all Americans who voted for BO in 2008, and they wonder why more of us don't vote for republican politicians.  This isn't rocket science.  You have a political party that insults everyone who doesn't agree with its' positions, and you expect them to line up and vote for your politicians?  There's something seriously wrong with these folks.  It's not the "Democrat Plantation" Black Americans and others are afraid of.  It's the "Republican Plantation" that strikes fear in our hearts.  The party that speaks about democrats wanting to create a "nanny state" is the one invested in creating a "nanny state" for blacks, Hispanics, American Muslims, gays, lesbians, atheists, and others because their politicians are so sure that we don't have the intelligence to choose our politicians wisely, so we need them to tell us for whom to vote.  Like my dearly departed parents used to say, if I do this, I might as well cede control of my life to the GOP, and that will never happen. 

  • David G.

    Just so I got this right -- Joe Walsh thinks America voted "Black" because they love the Black people so much?  The same white folks who are against Obama just because he is Black and not because he's become a thoughtful, effective President?  Anyone who listens to Romney, and thinks he's a better candidate than Obama is voting color preference for sure -- anti Black -- as sadly this country has show us it can be.  DG